Cast & Crew


(In alphabetical order


Noxweiler Berf (XMZ, DDZ, MWA)

Is a classically trained trash puppeteer.  He has traveled the world seeking the ancient secrets of duct tape, cardboard

and the perfect cup of Earl Grey. (Not tea, funereal ashes in hot water.) It has been a long road, longer than expected.

But still, it has been a road.  (See annotations for further explanations and alleviations.) Now, dear friends, the long road has

led here to The Center for Philanthropic Arts.  Armed only with a dream of dragons and a pile of garbage, the man known only as

Noxweiler Berf seeks to make art or dance.  Or both.

 Jonathan Harrison (AGVA)

studied theatre at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. TV credits include

The Tonight Show, Baywatch, Coach and Thirtysomething. Film credits include

jonathanHarrisonheadshotSpector’s Rock, Red Lightning and The Making Of Gnome Killer II, all directed by

Josh Eisenstadt. He danced in the music video, Monster Mash by Manhiem

Steamroller. AsWest Coast Director of The Collinsport Players, he writes, directs

and performs  In sketches based on the cult TV show, Dark Shadows at conventions.

At The Jewel Box Theatre in Los Angeles, Mr. Harrison co-produced and narrated Evensong,

A Vampire Rock Opera and sang on the cd of Lilith, The Rock Opera, both composed

by Thomas Kugler. Other LA stage credits include, Pilgrim, Lysistrata and most recently he

portrayed Abraham Lincoln in Abraham And Barack at UCLA. Acted with Visceral Company in

Four Shadows and Stephen King’s Dead Of Night. He is a member of Write Act Repertory, Towne

Street and a Producer and ensemble cast member of Dungeonmaster.



Xander Jeanneret (SAG-AFTRA)

Xander Jeanneret [Jon-er-ay] hails from the frigid tundra of
Wisconsin, and holds his Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre/Dance,

with minors in Art and International Studies from Luther College in Decorah,

IA. Xander is a nerd at heart, and loves to perform on stage and make stupid videos

on YouTube. You can check out his channel here:

You may recognized Xander from KING OF THE NERDS season 2, where he competed for the crown and lost in the final rounds. Still, though he may not rule Nerdvana, he is always a KING to us!